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Corporate Office:
761 Shoreline Drive
Aurora, IL  60504
Phone: 630.820.3820

Safety Act Cerified
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Image Gallery Andy Frain Services was founded in 1924 by Andrew T. Frain who was certain that he could solve the perennial gate crashing problem at Chicago Stadium hockey games. After Andy and his small group of ushers showed the hockey promoter what honest gateman could do for his gate receipts and crowd control, Andy moved to Wrigley Field.  William Wrigley, Jr. was so impressed with Andy's group, that he invested capital necessary to outfit Frain's men in their traditional blue and gold uniforms.  The uniforms became a hallmark for professionalism and customer service which still is demonstrated in Andy Frain Services today.

Our Resume:

  • Founded in 1924
  • Twenty national political conventions
  • Over 2,000 conventions and trade shows
  • One hundred major fairs and conventions
  • Provide safe, secure environment for more than 10 Million people annually
  • Serve 25 major sports arenas, venues, universities
  • Provide security to more than 40 commercial businesses
  • Cargo Screening and auditing at 20+ domestic airports
  • Security check over 500,000 trucks per year
  • Safety Act Certification since 2006
  • Integrated Security Solutions